Nakaoki - otemaes de outono - quando o furo muda para o meio do tatami para aquecer o convidado

This is an unabridged recording of Japanese Tea Ceremony. There are many schools of tea that teach The Way of Tea, Chado or Chanoyu in Japanese. In this video I'm showing the ritual performed in accordance with Urasenke teaching. Naka Oki Koicha, is the serving of thick tea having the brazier placed in the center of the mat. This is usually done in October to move the heat source closer to the guests. Disclaimer: This is NOT a official movie by Urasenke and has been created independent of Urasenke.

中置 薄茶 風炉 前半 (宗嘉の会) 裏千家茶道教室よし庵 神奈川県藤沢駅北口徒歩2分

Urasenke Nakaoki Koicha (裏千家 の 中置 濃茶)

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